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Alyssa Sack

Year in School: Junior

City of Origin: Torrance, CA

Major and Emphasis: Kinesiology, Rehabilitation Science

Hobbies, Activities & Interests: Dancing, going to the beach, bike riding, hiking, going to Disneyland

What other organizations are you a part of? SJSU Spartan Spectrum Dance Team

Why did you choose to pursue physical therapy? Becoming a physical therapist has been a goal that I hope to achieve in the future. This goal formed during my sophomore year in high school. I have been a dancer for approximately 16 years. During my sophomore year, I, unfortunately, got injured while dancing. My doctor referred me to a physical therapist so I could get the proper treatment to recover. After being exposed to physical therapy, I knew that this was what I wanted to pursue.
Growing up, I never really thought of going into the medical field. Once I was introduced to physical therapy, I was immediately interested. What really interested me in becoming a physical therapist was the fact that I get to make a difference in many people’s lives. I will have the ability to help patients function safely by giving them helpful treatment techniques. I will also be able to inform them how to take care of their bodies to prevent further injuries from happening.

What physical therapy school(s) do you hope to attend? Samuel Merritt University, University of St. Augustine, Loma Linda University, Western University

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Samantha Phee

Year in School: Senior

City of Origin: San Jose, CA

Major and Emphasis: Kinesiology, Rehabilitation Science

Hobbies, Activities & Interests: Reading, Hiking, Painting, Traveling

Why did you choose to pursue physical therapy? I’ve always known that I wanted to help others and I realized that I wanted to do that in a more holistic setting. Physical therapy attracted me because of the process that it takes to help heal others and understanding the mechanics involved. Whenever I was injured I wanted to know for myself the reasons for these body mechanics and I want to be able to share this same knowledge to others. 

What physical therapy school(s) do you hope to attend? University of the Pacific, University of Washington, University of St.Augustine, Western University

Secretary(s): Record minutes, perform time management, take attendance at club activities, take accurate records, assist with coordinating events/meetings, and record/take charge of membership (includes updating the email list). The main role of the Secretary is to document club meetings and activities and keep the club organized.


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